Stonish’s Party Tents

Tent, Table, & Chair Rentals in Buffalo, NY

Perfect For Any Party or Backyard Gathering, Based in Amherst, NY

Stonish’s Party Tents is a full service rental company for party tents, tables, and folding chairs. Call Stonish’s Party Tents for parties, corporate events, and any backyard gathering.

Pricing & Set Up Details

The above sizes include tent set up, take down, and one 40 foot side. Delivery charges may apply depending on address. There is an extra charge added for tent set up and take down on the same day.

All grass areas are required for tent setups. Tents cannot be setup into concrete. Tents set up into blacktop will require an additional charge and Stonish’s does not cover hole repair.

Additional charges may apply depending on different setup conditions or locations.

CALL 811

Stonish’s requires that you call 811 prior to tent setup. Utility companies who have potential facilities on your property will be notified about your intent to dig (for tent posts) and they will send a locator to mark the approximate location of your underground utility lines. Your call will only take a couple minutes and your locator will mark your property within 2-3 working days.

Customers must make Stonish’s aware of any sprinkler systems prior to set up.

What Size Do I Need?

All the above figures are approximate as individual needs and spacing may vary. Please note the approximate capacities - if your event number is close to or meets a tent’s capacity, we recommend renting the next size up for the comfort of your guests. If you are having food, cake, tables, a bar, or dance floor under the tent, we recommend ordering an additional size up.

Tent Sizes, Prices, and Approximate Seating

15'X15' $190.00 25
20'X20' $225.00 48
20'X30' $275.00 72
20'X40' $350.00 96
30'X40' $475.00 140
  prices include set up/take down and 3 side curtains**
40'x40' $775.00 160
40'x60' $950.00 240
40'x80' 1,150.00 320
40'x100' $1,500.00 400
40'x120' $1,850.00 480
40'x140 $2,225.00 560
**Up to
  40'x280' call for pricing**

Table & Chair Rentals

TABLES 6 FT. rectangular $7.50 ea. seat 6-8
8 FT. rectangular $8.75 ea. seat 8-10
CHAIRS folding $1.40 ea. $1.40 ea.